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Best selling raw meaty bone.  Perfect for puppies to adult dogs, with lots of meat on the rib, this is a ripping and tearing bone that is a great physical and mental workout for your dog.


  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Good for puppies to adult dogs
  • Amazing dental benefit – keeps teeth clean!
  • Can be fed 2 – 3 x per week


Perhaps you’ve seen them in your local pet store’s freezer, or you’re looking for an alternative to expensive dental chews with so many unknown ingredients and want to make a healthier change in your pet’s diet. Whatever the reason, we’re here to answer your questions about bones.


Bones are a crucial ingredient in a balanced raw diet. In fact, they make up roughly 10% of Big Country Raw ground meals, working to ensure that your pet has the calcium their body needs for growth and maintenance of bones and teeth. Considered “nature’s toothbrush” by many raw feeders, keeping your pet’s teeth clean can be as simple as offering 2-3 chewing bones per week – but it’s important to pick the bone that’s right for your pet. In addition to their dental benefit, safely chewing on and eating bones can help relieve stress, offer nutrients benefitting joint health, reduce the risk of kidney disease, and offer mental and physical exercise.


Bones for Healthy Teeth…and Organs
Veterinarians are all too familiar with periodontal disease. It often goes unnoticed by pet owners but the plaque that can build up in a pet’s mouth is loaded with bacteria and can have a huge impact on not just their oral health but the proper functioning of some important organs.

The bacterium in plaque make their way through the bloodstream from the mouth into other organs, namely the kidneys, heart, and liver where they can cause diseased organs. The liver and kidney primarily function to filter the blood and the increased bacteria load can cause them to be over-worked and potentially shut down. The same bacteria found in the plaque of your pet’s mouth threatens heart health with diseases like endocarditis and valvular disease.


What Kind of Bones are Good for Pets?
Only raw or dehydrated bones should ever be offered to pets. Bones cooked at high temperatures and smoked bones can splinter and are not easily digested by our pets. Both dogs and cats can benefit from eating bones. Your pet’s age, breed, chewing tendencies, and chew power, will all need to be considered when deciding which bone is best. Bones are fantastic for puppies! Recreational chewing bones can be a great source of exercise and mental stimulation for growing puppies. They also help to alleviate some of the pain from teething and can reduce stress and anxiety as the act of chewing releases calming endorphins. Flat Rib bones can be served frozen, and puppies love them. Some dogs don’t outgrow the need to chew and will enjoy the benefit of bones well into their senior years.


Small Flat Rib Bone – 1 Lb

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